Very Best Google Logo Doodle Montage Ever 0

Monday, 18th April, 2011 by admin in Inspiration.

We here at Freelancelogo love Google’s doodles. Here is a video with some of the best ones. Enjoy.

Exposing Myths in Professional Web Design 3

Thursday, 28th October, 2010 by Jake Rocheleau in Logo Design.

For as long as we’ve had web designers networking there have been common misconceptions among the community. These have bogged down the minds of many great designers and developers over the years. Today I’ll be exploring a few of these myths to discuss the truths behind them.

Though many of these have held true at some point in time they are greatly out-dated and require some light shed over their blemishes. The youth of web design has started to de-bunk many of the classics. Even though the information is out there, research these ideas for yourself to see how you should use the data.

The Exploding Browser Wars

Since the Internet started truly taking off we’ve had a war waging between software companies to develop the next best browser. Microsoft was the true powerhouse when Windows XP was first released and Internet Explorer showed the most promise.

web design myths

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Branding Essentials and the Benefits A Logo Brings 4

Tuesday, 26th October, 2010 by Aurora Gatbonton in Logo Design.

A brand is an essential element of your business.  Branding not only makes your business company unique, but it also establishes credibility.  It creates a long-term idea and impression in the minds of a new possible customer or an existing one.  Building an image of a great brand can provide you a considerable chunk of market share.

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How To Create An International Logo Design 6

Thursday, 14th October, 2010 by John in Logo Design.

Technically, all logos should have an international target because the internet is global. However, there are thousands of logos that cater only to a local market, mainly for three reasons: lack of interest to go global; budget for a professional logo designer; and inability to conceptualize their business as being international.

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Advantages of using Illustrations in Logo Design 1

Monday, 27th September, 2010 by John in Logo Design.

Designing a logo usually takes a lot of effort, especially since logo are like an organization’s signature. Once you see, you should know what it stands for, even without the presence of any slogan.

Logo design is the first order of business when setting up the identity of any organization. As such, a designer must make it a point to use whatever tools are current, while instilling a sense of balance at the same time. One of the most effective designs is using illustrations. In fact, a logo is an illustration, not just a play on fonts or text.

Initially, the two advantages of using illustrations in logo design are the following:

Company Identity

By using unique illustrations, you are able to set the organization apart. In a sea of logos, a designer should aim to make the logo stand. Playing on text generally does not accomplish much, especially in the face of so much competition.

For instance, everyone is familiar with Google, the search engine. Their logo design has these letter Os right smack in the middle. One could imagine them as googly eyes which fits perfectly with their company.  Technically, you would not describe their logo as having an illustration, but it has the hint of something hidden. Thus, it is an excellent example of a company logo asserting its identity in a subtle manner.

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